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Age of Change: The Business of Survival. 

This video, which was featured in a film series presented by WWF, and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, showcases our work with Polestar.  We cover the importance of tapping into supply chain transparency within electric vehicles (EVs) today and tracking the minerals used to make them.  EVs have the potential to help decarbonize our planet, and by harnessing Circulor's technology, the mini-documentary explores how we help make this possible.

Entitled 'Age of Change: The business of survival', the selection of films in the series explored the incredible stories of businesses that are leading radical and innovative new efforts to secure a nature-positive future for our planet - from reforestation in Uganda to wetland restoration in Hong Kong, as well as the creation of butterfly biospheres in Mexico and water conservation communities on the River Ganges. It also showcased some of the incredible individuals driving change through their passion and purpose to tackle the twin crises of nature loss and climate change. 


WWF’s aim is to help make the world nature-positive by 2030 – that is, to be living in a world with more nature than is in the world today. It's an ambitious goal that needs governments, businesses, and civil society to work together and transform the ways that we think, eat, produce, consume, and live, all around the world. 

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