Circulor becomes a company member of Battery Associates











Responsible sourcing being a central topic for sustainable battery development, Battery Associates announces Circulor as its first company member. While Circulor focuses on tracking battery materials across the supply chain to ensure they hold up to environmental and ethical scrutiny, Battery Associates (B.A) accelerates sustainable battery innovation through education, innovation, and consultancy work. Both companies have a strong interest in a circular and climate-neutral economy and are determined to address the sustainable challenges of battery production. That is why the community-driven company Battery Associates has now accepted Circulor as its first company member.


A sustainable world through the power of people and battery innovation


“We are excited for Circulor to join Battery Associates as a company member. Circulor's important work to make the battery value and supply chain fully traceable will increase stakeholder accountability and transparency across industries. Their vision very much resonates with Battery Associates' mission to create a sustainable world through the power of people and battery innovation”, says Dr. Simon Engelke, Founder & Chair of Battery Associates.

A collaboration for a greener and more diverse future


Battery Associates adopts a multidisciplinary approach to solve battery challenges and address sector-wide issues like the lack of a trained battery workforce, the absence of affordable and open-source battery testing kits, and the lack of transparency in the battery supply chain. Battery Associates is also determined to expand the battery sector to underrepresented backgrounds, including women. Battery Associates takes active measures to meet this objective, including through its educational programme called BatteryMBA, a course training aspiring battery leaders with a scholarship dedicated to women and underrepresented profiles. The BatteryMBA now counts 40% of women. Aligned with Circulor's vision of a 50 percent gender representation in its workforce, B.A aims to diversify the sector and represent individuals whose backgrounds are underrepresented across all of its activities. The collaboration between Circulor and B.A will therefore strive for a green future as well as for a more inclusive one.


Learn more at: www.Battery.Associates