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Circulor will support BlackEarth in becoming a global supplier of choice for graphite

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As the world navigates towards decarbonization, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are working to build cleaner, more reliable battery value chains. Their customers not only want to drive with zero tailpipe emissions, but they also want the peace of mind that the EVs they purchase are produced with clean, ethically sourced materials.  

A single EV contains 66.3kg of graphite, according to the IEA. With a growing number of EVs on the road, the world will need more graphite, meaning we must ensure the production process of this graphite is done sustainably and responsibly. Ready to address this challenge, graphite developer, BlackEarth will work with Circulor to ensure data-driven proof of how they’re bringing to market sustainable and responsibly produced graphite that can be trusted. 

BlackEarth (ASX:BEM) owns advanced graphite mining projects in Madagascar and base metal prospects (Ni-Cu-PGE) in Western Australia. Together, Circulor, the pioneer in supply chain traceability, and BlackEarth will partner to provide proof of the company’s sustainable practices and position BlackEarth as a global supplier of choice for graphite in the EV industry.

Circulor’s platform will enable downstream customers full transparency of BlackEarth’s supply chain, tracking the physical flow of critical materials from its Maniry Graphite Mine in Madagascar to the end products. Tied to this physical flow of materials, Circulor will also attribute Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) characteristics and embedded carbon across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. 

As a result, BlackEarth can take data-driven action to ensure it produces its graphite as sustainably as possible, adding value to its product and its shareholders. BlackEarth will also be able to establish a reliable supply chain management system and strengthen its brand and value proposition. 

To accomplish such ambitions, Circulor and BlackEarth will take a step-by-step approach. The first step will be to define the supply chain in scope and create a traceability project plan. This will be followed by data gathering, where production procedures and in-scope processes are defined and energy sources are confirmed. 

Then, system configuration for traceability and carbon footprint tracking from the mine to the port will follow suit, with refinements made based on the final flow sheet before commissioning. Upon commissioning, the live traceability service will be available for all production from the Maniry Graphite mine and will be able to connect with downstream customers. These steps will ensure the set-up and completion of a fully-visible supply chain. 

Commenting on the strategic partnership, BlackEarth Managing Director, Tom Revy, said, “We’re delighted to enter an agreement with Circulor and believe the systems we will establish with them will add enormous value to our business and practises. Business traceability is an important part of our commitment to ESG principles, and we believe the work we are about to commence with Circulor will set world standards in the establishment and all activity related to graphite mine operations. 

“Our Partnership with Circulor,” continued Revy, “will help us deliver on our commitment not only to supply chain transparency but also will demonstrate our complete commitment to world best practices in risk and environmental management. It is our intention to actively monitor and manage our contribution towards achieving a low carbon operation”

This collaboration is a world-first in establishing best practices in the setup, commissioning and operation of a graphite concentrate mine. Circulor and BlackEarth will partner to deliver a reliable, more valuable supply chain for graphite and the growing demand for sustainable and responsibly sourced electric vehicles.  



About Circulor:  

Circulor is the leading sustainable supply chain traceability provider. Headquartered in the UK, with a global footprint across Germany, the U.S., Singapore, and Australia, Circulor enables businesses to fully analyze, track, and manage their supply chains to ensure responsible sourcing and improve sustainability. Circulor does this by providing an enterprise software platform, which creates a reliable chain of custody of materials and attaches GHG emissions and other ESG data directly to the flow of materials. More information can be found at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.   


Circulor Contact: 

Franziska Grammes, Director of PR 

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