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A market-leading, mature solution

Amidst the many factors contributing to the climate crisis, the significant role of industrial supply chains can no longer be ignored.


Doing business responsibly is now a mainstream issue. The team at Circulor believes that systemic change is possible in how we all use and re-use natural resources efficiently. That good business should not exploit people or the planet.


Supply chain traceability

Circulor provides the most complete and mature solution to this pressing global problem.


We enable companies to gain visibility into their supply chains to demonstrate responsible sourcing, improve their ESG performance, reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and manage supply chain risks.

Within mapped supply chains we prove responsible sourcing, demonstrate sustainable production, and underpin effective recycling and reverse logistics.


International reach

We are a global SaaS business with growing teams based in EMEA, North America, and the Asia Pacific, collaborating with clients worldwide to achieve their ESG ambitions.


Our mission is to make the world’s most complex supply chains more transparent and help prevent the exploitation of people and our planet.

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Circulor is leading the market in battery material supply chain traceability.


The supply chain for minerals is often long and complex, involving many different stakeholders based in countries with various political, social, and environmental conditions. As a result, it can be challenging to ensure that minerals are sourced ethically and that supply chains are not contributing to conflict or human rights abuses

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The OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights provide a framework for companies to assess and manage supply chain risks.

Battery production is one area these principles can be applied to drive innovation and reduce environmental impacts. Using the levers of due diligence and reporting throughout the battery value chain makes canimprove the sustainability performance of battery production significantly.

Due dilligence


Our expertise

As a SaaS business in the sustainable sector, we benefit from a wide range of expertise across our departments and actively welcome those with qualifications in: 

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Carbon management and/or carbon accounting 

  • Data science and data engineering

  • Environmental science and sustainability

  • Chemical engineering and manufacturing

  • Software development (Oracle especially)

  • Product management

  • UX / UI 

  • Quality assurance / software testing

  • EU public policy and environmental regulation.


Carbon tracking

Circulor’s Co2 tracking solution provides a holistic and actionable insight into a company’s carbon footprint. It does this by dynamically aggregating emissions at each step within the supply chain based on the actual flow of materials.


This approach is vastly superior to current life-cycle assessment approaches. Circulor’s carbon attribution and tracking allow a user to view the carbon that has been created as part of their production process, per facility as well as the carbon they have inherited from their suppliers.

Materials traceability

Circulor’s approach to traceability is based on the actual flow of materials through a supply chain.

Circulor creates a ‘digital twin’ for the raw material being traced and then tracks the material through the supply chain, creating a digital thread that follows and records the various industrial processes and transformations it undergoes.

The progress of the material is captured at designated scan points across the industrial process and supply chain to create a digital chain of custody linking the input to the output flow of materials, ensuring that only raw materials of known provenance are used and that the new output product can be traced and connected to the digital identity of the input raw material.


The 'Battery pass' project

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) recently announced its “Battery Pass” project and its 11 consortium members, including Circulor as lead on the project’s demonstrator work package.


Our role within the consortium is to lead the “Battery Pass Demonstrator” work package – using the content and technical standards from the other work packages to simulate data flows and system transactions.


Circulor’s team has already implemented battery passport management products for clients like Volvo Cars, Polestar, and Rock Tech Lithium, among others, and we’re eager to bring the insights we’ve learned to date and also to learn from our consortium partners on how such efforts can be expanded and adopted more broadly


Life at Circulor

Our headquarters are in the UK and we have teams and staff across the US, Singapore, Luxembourg, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, and Rwanda.


We have a new office in Berlin and also welcome remote working anywhere in Germany. Our people work across the following areas:  


Core functions

Finance, Legal & Compliance, IT & Information Security, People & Culture, Communications, Marketing, and Public Affairs


Sales and Implementation

Business Development, Pre-sales, Sales, Implementation, and Customer Success


Technology & R&D

Software development and engineering, Product Development, Quality Assurance, UX/UI, and Data Analysi


Our purpose

A sustainable world requires full visibility of the materials that make it up.  


From the cobalt and nickel that power electric vehicles. The steel and concrete that support our infrastructure and the copper that connects tomorrow’s smartphones. To the plastics that dominate packaging and the leather we walk in.  


If we measure and monitor, we can improve. We are dedicated to enabling industries to analyse emissions, reduce negative impact, source responsibly, and operate more sustainably.  


What we do goes beyond life-cycle assessments and audits. We reimagine how we all can account for what we use.  


Our technologies create a reliable chain of custody, setting new benchmarks for traceability,  from origin to end-user.  


We are opening up a new landscape of business opportunities for long-term resource security.  


Working to achieve greater levels of visibility that propel us all towards a better future.  


By providing validation and verification, we enable industries to build the most precious commodity of all. Trust