Friday Five

11th Aug 2022

The UK is taking steps to ensure its supply of critical minerals, which are essential for clean energy technologies and national security. The government's Critical Minerals Strategy lays out a plan to grow the domestic capability to produce these minerals, attract investment, and collaborate with international partners. This will create jobs and growth while protecting communities and the environment.

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Circulor has been collaborating with the Systemiq advisory team since 2020. Their analysis allowed us to better scope our market and refine our go-to-market strategy.

Because we make supply chains transparent and traceable, we think there will be huge impact for business, society and the planet from what we do.


In a major victory for the Biden administration, the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday voted to pass the Chips and Science Act, which includes subsidies for the US semiconductor industry.

The legislation cleared Congress just hours after Joe Manchin announced a surprise deal with fellow Senate Democrats on a larger tax, climate and social spending bill.


The $369 billion climate and tax bill would affect every aspect of U.S. energy production, with incentives for producers and consumers to move away from fossil fuels.


The deal would provide billions of dollars in tax credits over 10 years for companies that build new sources of emissions-free electricity, such as wind turbines, solar panels, battery storage, geothermal plants


As the world moves toward electric vehicles, it is becoming increasingly important to have a local battery production.


This is due to the fact that environmental regulations are much tougher in Europe, making it difficult to transplant processes from other parts of the world.


However, this also presents an opportunity for European companies to be innovative and create new ways of manufacturing batteries. 


Excellent insight from, featuring our partner Britishvolt

As the demand for lithium-ion batteries explodes in light of the increasing use of electric and hybrid vehicles, scientists are looking to unconventional water sources to extract the mineral.

A study by Asst. Prof. Chong Liu and her team has found that there is enough lithium within these sources to make it worthwhile to extract, with potential implications for refining technology.