Friday Five

9th Sept 2022

Hanwa Co. will be a valuable partner for Honda Motor Co. as they work to secure stable supplies of metals used in batteries for electrified vehicles.


This move will contribute toward Honda's 2 million electrified vehicles per year by 2030.

cornish Lithium.jpeg

This is great news for the project and will help to develop the hydrometallurgical elements of the Demonstration Plant, which is expected to produce commercial samples of lithium hydroxide for evaluation by end users such as battery producers and automotive manufacturers.


This is a very exciting development for the project and could lead to significant growth in the future.


Australia has taken a big step forward in reducing its carbon emissions with the passing of a new climate change bill.

This is a significant move and puts Australia broadly in line with other countries that are taking climate action seriously. The targets lag behind goals set by the US, UK and EU, but it's still a major accomplishment to get this bill passed.


IONETIC's new EV battery pack design platform offers a customised, high-performance and safe battery pack solution at an affordable price.


The platform is optimised for lower volume niche automotive manufacturers and can reduce the development cost and time for bringing a new electric vehicle to market.

ford transit.png

The E-Transit Custom, an electric version of Ford's best-selling European delivery van, will go on sale in the autumn of next year with a range of about 380km. This move is necessary for Ford to stay competitive in the market, as its surveyed customers have voiced concerns about range and charging time.


In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, Ford has been polling its customers to get their feedback on the development of the E-Transit Custom. By doing so, the company can ensure that its electric vehicles are tailored to meet the needs of its customers.