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Friday Five

15th July 2022

In a major amendment to their energy policy, the German Federal Council has passed laws approving an increase in renewable energy development.


The new legislation forms part of the country's clean energy strategy, which aims to boost efforts to address climate change by transitioning to an economy powered largely by renewable energy.

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Two energy companies have joined forces to research the potential of geothermal lithium extraction. The study phase will involve assessing the potential of a site located just a few kilometers from Rome. The aim is to develop joint initiatives and explore prospects for further developments in geothermal lithium.

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The ECB has released the results of a climate stress test that it conducted on 41 banks, and the findings are concerning.

The central bank found that the majority of the banks involved in the test lacked data and internal models to accurately assess the risks associated with climate change. Additionally, the exercise only covered a third of their total balance sheet exposures. This means that in a real-world scenario, the losses could be much higher. The ECB has said that it will take action to improve banks' ability to cope with climate risks, but campaigners are criticising the central bank for not being tough enough.

The 2021 sales data for 106 markets around the world
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The automotive industry is constantly evolving, recent analysis of the most popular car manufacturers globally in 2021.


We're proud to see so many of our customers on this list and we'll continue to work hard to help them meet their traceability and sustainability goals.

Panasonic plans to build a new electric vehicle battery plant in the US.


The plant will create 4000 jobs and produce batteries for Tesla's electric cars. Panasonic has been slower in building out its capacity compared with its Asian rivals, but this new investment shows its commitment to the booming electric vehicle market.


Panasonic is also developing the next-generation EV battery, which has five times more energy capacity than current devices. The new plant is part of Panasonic's plan to invest ¥600bn ($4.8bn) in growth areas over the next three years.