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Polestar announces strategic partnership with Circulor for supply chain transparency


Polestar, the electric performance car brand, is spearheading a movement for transparency throughout the automotive industry by working together with Circulor to accelerate the shift to a climate-neutral future.


Transparency is a cornerstone in the Swedish electric car makers' ambitious sustainability strategy. Creating traceability to promote responsible sourcing is a priority. The initial focus will track minerals and materials used in its batteries and the related CO2e emissions through the supply chain, with plans to expand to the rest of the car. Circulor’s blockchain traceability solution is already used at scale for Polestar 2, for the traceability of cobalt in its batteries.


“Caring about ethics and the environment is key to Polestar. This unprecedented level of traceability means that Polestar can promote sustainable and ethical practices in its supply chain, and provide better transparency for consumers”, says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.


“We are delighted to be a strategic partner of Polestar and playing a key role in enabling supply chain transparency for the company, their suppliers and their customers. Our platform’s ability to dynamically track and attribute CO2e across the supply chain will help enable Polestar’s moonshot goal to create a climate-neutral car by 2030”, says Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, Circulor CEO.


With the new partnership, Polestar and Circulor are setting a radical scope and ambition to track a wide range of raw materials, focusing on those that have identified risks in either environmental and/or human rights. Consumers will be able to follow the journey thanks to Polestar’s Product Sustainability Declaration, which discloses carbon footprint and traced risk materials through labelling on the company website and in Polestar Spaces, setting a unique transparency precedent for the industry. 


The greenhouse gas tracking solution offered by Circulor enables a more accurate CO2e footprint than using generic emission data from databases. ​CO2e tracking allows Polestar to view the emissions that have been created as part of its production process, per facility as well as those inherited from suppliers through the supply chain.


Polestar is on a mission to drive the shift to sustainable mobility. Supply chain transparency is one big step on its journey.

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