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April 26th, 2024

Capitalizing a Scalable, Sustainable and Circular Battery Value Chain

The second annual RBC Capital Markets Global Battery Value Chain Conference took place on April 26th against a backdrop of pivot points that are creating new trajectories on the path to net zero. The conference highlighted the challenges and opportunities in the battery industry, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for a sustainable and scalable future.


Circulor's CEO, Douglas Johnson-Poensgen participated in a panel discussion focusing on how the EV revolutions is impacting battery material producers.

Key Takeaways from the Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets Conference:


  • Securing Funding for Scale: Capital-intensive investments are vital for scaling the battery value chain, especially in Gigafactory construction. Long-term contracts with automakers and government support are pivotal in this endeavor.

  • OEM Requirements: Efficient mass production while meeting OEM demands remains a challenge in the evolving EV industry. Managing scalability, lead times, and quality control are critical for seamless operations.

  • Battery Passports: Starting February 1, 2027, battery passports will be mandatory for all EV and industrial batteries sold in the EU, promoting sustainability and transparency in the battery value chain.

  • Surging Demand for EV Charging Infrastructure: Despite concerns, the EV market is growing, with demand for rapid charging stations outstripping supply. Scaling Europe's EV charging network is crucial for sustainable EV adoption.

  • New Battery Materials and Technologies: With a tightening market for battery minerals, investing in alternative materials and technologies is imperative. Sodium-ion and solid-state batteries show promise for the future.

  • Circular Battery Economy: Second-life batteries and recycling are essential for lessening environmental impact. Collaboration across the value chain is key to achieving a sustainable and circular battery industry.

For more information on Circulor's Battery Passport, follow the link below. 

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