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Circulor partners with Tsetinis Consulting, creating "Battery Pass Readiness" Program


Circulor and Tsetinis Consulting come together to fully prepare companies for the forthcoming EU Battery Regulation 

Berlin, 19 July 2022 – Circulor, the pioneer in supply chain traceability, and Tsetinis, the leading supply chain management (SCM) consulting firm, have joined forces to deliver technology-enabled, supply chain transparency and valuable consultancy for businesses preparing for the forthcoming EU Battery Regulation and its Battery Passport requirement.  


This partnership offers companies a holistic approach to understanding the requirements of the Battery Regulation, conducting an in-depth assessment of the existing prerequisites on the customer side for their rapid fulfillment, mapping, and onboarding of supply chain participants, and tapping expert counsel and advice throughout the process. This collaboration is the first of its kind, in which consulting, and material traceability go hand-in-hand in the electric vehicle (EV) battery sector to provide an in-depth, holistic solution based on the physical flow of materials.  


Leveraging Circulor's comprehensive, proven software solution and extensive knowledge in battery manufacturing processes, this partnership will enable participating companies to manage their processes and supply chains to meet the expectations of data that is to be gathered and fulfill the requirements of the EU Battery Regulation in an accelerated, efficient, and consistent approach. 


The EU is preparing to enact a new standard for regulating batteries that are manufactured or placed into service in Europe—and its first regulations could come into effect as early as 2024. Companies will need to prove that the entire supply chains that produce their batteries comply with specific requirements for sustainable and responsible sourcing, embedded carbon, and recycled content.  


Tsetinis Consulting is one of the fastest growing supply chain consulting firms in Europe. "Manufacturing companies are increasingly challenged by the volume and complexity of requirements that arise from existing and future regulations. Our joint approach with Circulor ensures the careful integration of the existing processes of our clients with the punctual implementation of a working IT solution as the foundation of the overall approach," says Jost Kamenik, CEO of Tsetinis. 


"The EU Battery Regulation is already having a global impact and the industry needs support in addressing its requirements today. This collaboration will help companies tackle the process of compliance, as well as pave the way for new opportunities. This is the first time in the EV battery sector that consulting, and industry expertise is effectively coupled with material traceability technology—and that is a powerful combination," says Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO of Circulor.  


Circulor was recently named the lead technology implementor for the German Federal Ministry for Economic and Climate Affairs’ “Battery Pass” consortium. The goal for this group is to develop the technical standards and content for a “battery pass,” as well as demonstrate the integration of such data into a shared data space to provide transparency. Working in traceability since 2017, Circulor tracks critical battery materials, their GHG emissions, and ESG credentials for both upstream and downstream customers. With clients such as Volvo Cars, Polestar and Rock Tech Lithium, Circulor helps them prove their sustainable and responsible sourcing through the creation of product passports. 





Circulor gives organizations full visibility of their supply chains. The London-based company offers the most mature, proven, and complete technology software solution available to track materials with high environmental and human rights impacts as they change state within manufacturing and recycling supply chains. With Circulor, businesses can follow the physical flow of critical materials from extraction to final production, as well as associated ESG characteristics and embedded carbon across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. The tech company was founded in 2017 in the UK, with offices in Ireland, the US, Germany, Singapore, and Australia. The company has been named a  Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Global Cleantech 100, and won DIGITALEUROPE’s 2022 Future Unicorn Award


Circulor Contact:  

Franziska Grammes, Director of PR 




Tsetinis Consulting helps manufacturing companies raise competitiveness. The Kuchl/Salzburg-based consulting firm started 20 years ago to revolutionize the way costs could be optimized. By focusing specifically on product cost, it was Tsetinis Consulting which created what many today see as the global industry standard in this field. Based on our unique DNA to optimize commercial terms, supply chain structures, and technological designs, Tsetinis is now on its mission to do the same in the field of sustainability & CO2. Tsetinis Consulting gives businesses access to leading best-practice solutions on how to deliver economic, social, and environmental impact – fast! The tech-enabled Management Consulting firm was founded in 2000 in Austria, with offices in Germany and the US. The company has developed the world’s leading software solution in the field of costing and is invested in a leading start-up that utilizes the latest AI capabilities that automates complex cost- and CO2 analyses. 

More information can be found at Follow us on LinkedIn. 


Tsetinis Consulting Contact:  

Alexander Klos. Senior Principal 

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