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Urbix Inc. and Circulor Announce Partnership to Bring Traceability and Accountability to Graphite Supply Chain


26 October 2021

Today, Urbix Inc. (Urbix), an environmentally friendly U.S.-based processor of battery grade graphite, and Circulor, the leading sustainable supply chain traceability provider, announced a strategic partnership that will set a new standard for transparency and accountability in sourcing and processing graphite that is used in advanced batteries.

Urbix will utilize Circulor’s technology to track and trace its graphite as it changes state from extraction to inclusion in electric vehicles. The companies are in ongoing conversations with mining partners to expand the partnership.

“This partnership is a game-changer for the graphite industry. OEMs and battery manufacturers are increasingly expecting a higher level of transparency and traceability in the materials they utilize. By partnering with Circulor, we can certify that our graphite is ethically sourced and sustainably processed. Circulor and Urbix make the perfect partnership because we are aligned in our values and in our commitment to fundamentally transforming the battery supply chain,”said Nico Cuevas, Chairman and CEO, Urbix Inc.

Circulor provides a comprehensive and reliable method for tracking critical minerals like graphite as they move through the battery supply chain. This partnership will provide transparency to the advanced battery supply chain, certifying that the graphite is being sourced humanely and processed in compliance with environmental, social, and governance standards. 

Veera Johnson, Co-Founder, Circulor, said, “We are thrilled to work with Urbix on this genuinely innovative partnership to shift how the graphite industry addresses issues related to transparency and accountability. It is no longer sufficient to just talk about your environmental and human rights standards – you must be able to demonstrate them. We are hopeful that this work will help support the industry to continue its shift toward cleaner processing methods and humanely sourced raw materials.”

While traceability is becoming more common in the processing and manufacturing stages, this work will go beyond other efforts to track and trace raw materials as they are processed and moved through the battery supply chain. Circulor’s technology will provide a detailed chain of custody throughout the supply chain and as the graphite changes state. This is done by tracking the composition of the graphite and its unique chemistry rather than relying on traditional methods like shipment paperwork.

Phase one of the partnership will establish the full chain of custody and traceability. Over the long-term, the partnership will seek to expand to include graphite mines and create a network of companies that can provide traceability and accountability assurances across a larger share of the battery supply chain. 

Dr. Palash Gangopadhyay, Chief Technical Officer, Urbix Inc. said: “Before Circulor, it was very difficult to track the path minerals like graphite took before ending up in a battery. It was even harder to say with certainty how the materials were sourced and processed. We have been impressed with Circulor’s technology and approach to bringing much needed accountability to the graphite industry and all battery components.”

Dr. Andrea Cabrero Vilatela, Director of R&D, Urbix Inc said: “Circulor’s technology moves our industry beyond relying on outdated methods of traceability. We are excited to be able to track the unique composition of the graphite we source and process, even as it changes state. It is critical for us to provide this level of transparency to our customers as new regulations and standards are put in place to create a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable battery supply chain”.


For further information please contact:

Circulor Press Office: Guy Dennis at TB Cardew: +44 7917 918226; or Alycia MacAskill: +44 7876 222 703; or

Urbix Inc. press release can be found here.

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