Circulor & Vulcan Energy Resources to create full traceability for the world-first lithium supply chain in the EU


Circulor is proud to announce its collaboration with Vulcan Energy Resources to establish the first full lithium traceability and dynamic CO2 measurement solution for Zero Carbon Lithium TM across the European Lithium-ion battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) supply chain, in a world-first for the lithium sector. 


Vulcan will be implementing Ciculor’s solution to its upcoming lithium supply contracts with European OEMs to help them meet their sustainability objectives for material traceability and CO2 transparency. Circulor’s solution will first be used during Vulcan’s project development, including at a pilot and demonstration plant level, when the first samples are dispatched to customers. In the years to follow the two companies will work together to prepare Vulcan and its supply chain for full traceability of Vulcan’s Zero Carbon Lithium TM product at the production start in 2024. 


Through their collaboration, Vulcan and Circulor are setting new standards in the European commodity market and exemplify battery raw materials transparency, traceability and sustainability. Topics that are directly targeted by the latest European Commission Battery Regulation proposed in December 2020. 


Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, Circulor’s CEO commented: “The EV battery market in Europe is evolving fast with many new players establishing themselves in the market, and with a clear advantage for those who can prove sustainable practices. We are pleased to be supporting Vulcan in meeting Europe’s needs for the electric vehicle transition, from a zero-carbon source, for many years to come. Together, we will set a new benchmark for the responsible sourcing of raw materials to enable sustainable mobility for the future.” 


Dr Francis Wedin, Vulcan’s CEO added: “This collaboration between Circulor and Vulcan will allow us to develop the world’s first fully traceable, transparent and sustainable lithium product extracted and consumed in Europe. As well as showing Vulcan’s commitment to a transparent supply chain with net zero carbon footprint, it is another industry-leading move by Vulcan that sets the way forward for the raw materials industry to improve and align to OEMs’ goal of producing truly sustainable EVs.”

About Vulcan Energy Resources

Vulcan Energy is aiming to become the world’s first Zero Carbon LithiumTM producer, by producing a battery-quality lithium hydroxide chemical product with net zero carbon footprint from its combined geothermal and lithium resource, which is Europe’s largest lithium resource, in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany. Vulcan will use its unique, net zero carbon process to produce both renewable geothermal energy, and lithium hydroxide, from the same deep brine source. In doing so, Vulcan will address lithium’s EU market requirements by reducing the high carbon and water footprint of production, and total reliance on imports, mostly from China. Vulcan aims to supply the lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle market in Europe, which is the fastest growing in the world. Vulcan has a resource which can satisfy Europe’s needs for the electric vehicle transition, from a zero-carbon source, for many years to come. 


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