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20 Sept, 2023

A Powerful Duo: Consultancies and tech companies serve the supply chain data needs of companies today


30 Augl, 2023

Complexities of clean energy demand and how supply chain transparency responds to potential barriers

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26 July, 2023

Market tightness and striving for a resilient, diverse,  and responsible energy transition 

EV Car Platform with battery graphic on top of platform.jpg

12 July, 2023

Lessons learned from global Battery Passport projects and what to expect next 


29 June, 2023

Entering the next Era of Responsibility and Sustainability


08 June, 2023

The Importance of Material Traceability Data in Meeting the EU Battery Regulation


03 May, 2023

Transparency ensures the ESG and growth of Europe’s critical raw materials economy


14 July, 2022

Circulor is part of Age of Change: The business of survival, presented by WWF. 

Forest Road

20 April, 2022

Circulor blog:
How to achieve carbon neutrality and a circular economy for EV batteries 


28 February, 2022

Circulor blog:Recognised as an II110 organisation by Upstream 


1 November, 2021

Circulor blog:Partnerships powering a world-first in the post-pandemic ‘new normal’


8 February 2021

Circulor blog:
How do we solve a problem like plastic?

Deforestation 2.png

9 December 2020

Circulor blog:Why beef and soya farming must change to tackle Amazon deforestation

Rainforest and palm oil.png

24 June 2020

Circulor blog: Will biofuels power the world?

Gemstone 3.png

15 April 2020

Circulor blog:
The hidden cost of gemstone mining and how blockchain can help


13 Sept, 2023

In Pursuit of a Secure and Transparent Clean Energy Economy, the U.S. Requires Growing Sourcing and Disclosure Requirements

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02 Aug, 2023

Beyond compliance—the potential for battery passports to create greater value and efficiency


19 July, 2023

Carbon emissions tracking and how coupling with material traceability satisfies current and future needs for sustainable products 

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05 July, 2023

Where does a product begin its lifecycle? What does its journey look like? And what is its impact along the way? 

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21 June, 2023

Why start now? In your material traceability journey.


31 May, 2023

Traceability is the bedrock to transparent, sustainable and secure supply chains

Image by Roberto Sorin

01 June, 2022

Circulor blog:
Global relevance of the EU Battery Regulation - Q&A with Tilmann Vahle


13 May, 2022

Circulor blog:
How Germany's 'Battery Passport' enables a sustainable & secure battery economy


4 March, 2022

Circulor blog:
Economies are demanding supply chain transparency. The good news - it’s possible today.


4 February, 2022

Circulor blog: Circulor’s solution adds financial value 


1 July, 2021

Circulor blog:
What the EU Battery Regulation tells us about the Battery Passport


24 May, 2022

Circulor blog:
Making mining more environmentally and socially responsible via traceability


2 July 2020

Circulor blog:
The nickel boom - could exponential nickel growth be aided by blockchain technology?


18 June 2020

Circulor blog:
How we can stop Lithium from becoming the next conflict mineral


15 April 2020

Circulor blog:
Mica uncovered - how can the mica industry be cleaned up?

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