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22 June, 2022

Circulor blog:

Everything you need to know about how LCAs and Circulor differ


24 May, 2022

Circulor blog:
Making mining more environmentally and socially responsible via traceability

Forest Road

20 April, 2022

Circulor blog:
How to achieve carbon neutrality and a circular economy for EV batteries 


28 February, 2022

Circulor blog:
Recognised as an II110 organisation by Upstream 


1 November, 2021

Circulor blog:
Partnerships powering a world-first in the post-pandemic ‘new normal’


7 April, 2021

Circulor blog:
Why green hydrogen might be about to have its big break

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9 December 2020

Circulor blog:
Why beef and soya farming must change to tackle Amazon deforestation

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24 June 2020

Circulor blog:
Will biofuels power the world?

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15 April 2020

Circulor blog:
The hidden cost of gemstone mining and how blockchain can help

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01 June, 2022

Circulor blog:
Global relevance of the EU Battery Regulation - Q&A with Tilmann Vahle


13 May, 2022

Circulor blog:
How Germany's 'Battery Passport' enables a sustainable & secure battery economy


4 March, 2022

Circulor blog:
Economies are demanding supply chain transparency. The good news - it’s possible today.


4 February, 2022

Circulor blog: 
Circulor’s solution adds financial value 


1 July, 2021

Circulor blog:
What the EU Battery Regulation tells us about the Battery Passport


8 February 2021

Circulor blog:
How do we solve a problem like plastic?


2 July 2020

Circulor blog:
The nickel boom - could exponential nickel growth be aided by blockchain technology?


18 June 2020

Circulor blog:
How we can stop Lithium from becoming the next conflict mineral


15 April 2020

Circulor blog:
Mica uncovered - how can the mica industry be cleaned up?