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Circulor uses a suite of technologies to track materials, emissions, and compliance, to overcome real-world complexities.

Blockchain Technology

All of Circulor’s solutions are developed on a private, permissioned-based enterprise SaaS platform that includes intuitive user interfaces, embedded business logic, clear dependencies, and integrated operations that are multilingual.


Our user-friendly desktop application can be used for fast manual upload, and our mobile application ensures an inclusive low barrier to entry for upstream participants.


Our technology has been designed for ease of integration with existing enterprise platforms; data can be fed seamlessly to the blockchain via system integration using RESTful Web Service APIs with security and authentication protocols. 


Circulor advocates interoperability; we supported the establishment of the RMI Blockchain guidelines and contribute to leading-edge research in this space.

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Without knowing the provenance of goods or materials, it is difficult to ensure social and environmental standards are effectively applied across complex and global supply chains. 


Our traceability products track the origin of raw materials and the actual flow of materials through the production processes and transformations they undergo within manufacturing and recycling supply chains. This granular, real-time data enables tracking of the scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and associated ESG data, in order to demonstrate responsible sourcing, sustainability, and circularity. 


We do this by creating a digital twin at source and tracking the digital identity of the materials journey as it changes state, to provide full visibility across traditionally opaque supply chains.

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Vulcan Energy

Circulor is working with Vulcan Energy to ensure a fully traceable production of zero-carbon lithium in 2024. The collaboration will allow Vulcan to develop the world’s first fully traceable, transparent and zero-carbon lithium product extracted and consumed in Europe.


Green Buildings

Transparency into emissions is critical to ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to supply chain sustainability. 


Circulor’s Sustainability products enable clients to dynamically measure their attributed and inherited emissions at each stage of the supply chain, enhancing current lifecycle assessment approaches. 


We work with our clients to define their ESG KPIs, underpinned by traceability data, to support them in measuring and comparing sustainability credentials of their suppliers and benchmarking against overall ESG targets. This enables them to drive improvements across the supply chain and where relevant, make visible to their customers.

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Volvo Cars

In 2019, Circulor established a full chain of custody tracking for cobalt used in Volvo Cars’ electric vehicles. This award-winning work has continued apace. Multiple battery materials are now tracked across numerous supply chain legs, along with attributable ESG metrics.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is key to ensuring responsible sourcing, eliminating waste and stimulating best practices within the supply chain.


Circulor’s products augment traceability data with data from third party sources to investigate supply chain participants and identify any potential risks.

We do this by identifying anomalies and deviations across the supply chain, flagging to the responsible organisation and downstream participants. Corrective action can be taken with a full audit trail whilst retaining immutable record on the Blockchain. 

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Project TRACKCYCLE will provide all the stakeholders in the polymers industry with visibility of the provenance and quality of the materials entering and exiting their facilities. 

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