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Supply Chain Traceability Solutions

It's time to make global supply chains traceable, ethical, and sustainable

Circulor offers the most complete and mature solution in the market


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Recent recognition

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Future Unicorn Award
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B Corporation Certification
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Furture 5 Spend Matters
Emerging start-ups award from Tracxn
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Top Supply Chain Management Solution Provider 2021

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Top Supply Chain Management Solution Provider 2021

Industry Applications

Electric Vehicles

The critical energy transition is driving a shift to Electric Vehicles. We are overcoming the environmental and ethical concerns of these complex products by enabling manufacturers to prove the source of raw material. Our supply chain traceability solutions track emissions across the supply chain.


Extractive Industries

Conflict minerals regulations are a vital way to break the chain between human rights abuses and consumer products.

We enable manufacturers to overcome the challenge of ensuring end-to-end compliance by providing an immutable record of provenance and a digital chain of custody across the supply chain.

Plastics Recycling

Plastic pollution is a global crisis, as this poorly managed waste significantly affects people and the planet. Circular economy solutions, like ours, are needed to increase the uptake of recycled plastic, reduce the flow of plastics into our oceans and reduce GHG emissions.



The Construction industry is having a significant impact on the planet due to unsustainable sourcing, poor waste management and a high carbon footprint; emitting over 10% of global emissions alone. Traceability enables decarbonisation of these GHG intensive materials and tracking of first and second-life to increase circular economy solutions for a sustainable future.

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