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Digital Product Identifiers

Where does a product begin its lifecycle? What does its journey look like? And what is its impact along the way? 

Circulor can answer these questions and unlock circularity for all products placed on the market. 


From the source of raw materials, Circulor captures primary data at the individual item level, helping our customers illuminate supply chains by continuously collecting data across the entire value chain. 


Item data is tracked and linked to other items in order to understand the supply chain at the batch and product levels, enabling dynamic understanding of the flow of materials, their transformation and eventual use in products as well as the full chain of custody. 


A unique digital identity is attributed to each item produced. 

Customers and end consumers can access the digital identity and its information via a QR code assigned to each product. 

Empowering all participants in the value chain to do business more responsibly and sustainably. 


The use of digital identities across industries will enable: 

  • Circularity 

  • Greater responsibility 

  • Repair, remanufacturing, reuse, and recycling 

Goodbye claims. Hello proof. 

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