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Circulor joins RECHARGE to collaborate on the sustainable battery supply chain



  • RECHARGE, Europe’s industry association for advanced rechargeable and lithium batteries has teamed up with Circulor, the pioneer in supply chain traceability to work towards a more sustainable future.

  • The Association actively contributes to legislative and industrial developments, with a strong focus on the EU Battery Regulation where the concept of a Battery Passport is gaining traction with key players.

  • The collaboration will continue to support the transition to a green and circular economy for batteries in Europe.


April 28, 2022 - RECHARGE announces Circulor as its newest member to create a more empowered, sustainable, and circular Europe. Renowned for shaping the future of advanced rechargeable and lithium batteries in Europe, RECHARGE will collaborate with Circulor, the leader in supply chain traceability, for the sustainable development of an innovative and competitive rechargeable and lithium batteries value chain in Europe.


“We are excited for Circulor to join the RECHARGE membership and welcome them to the team. Circulor’s work to make the battery traceable will improve stakeholder accountability and transparency across industries. They have a goal that resonates with RECHARGE’s efforts to build a sustainable and ethical environment for future generations,” says Dr. Claude Chanson, General Manager of Recharge.


More sustainable and ethical practices for a greener future

With Circulor’s technology, electric vehicle OEMs and supply chain participants are tracking the physical flow of critical materials from extraction to final production and into second life and recycling, to create a dynamic picture of inherited emissions across the supply chain. Circulor’s vision to achieve a sustainable and traceable battery value chain is the motivation behind this collaboration.


Circulor founder and CEO Douglas Johnson-Poensgen added “Our digital solution enables our customers to come together to affect real change on the path to net-zero. Circulor’s collaboration with the German government to work on its ‘Battery Pass’ highlights how we enable a sustainable and circular economy and working with RECHARGE and its members will further elevate this.” 


Building true friendships and alliances across the industry, with a common goal, is crucial to creating a sustainable future. RECHARGE’s outstanding way of operating ensures members have a say in the strategic direction of the Association. It brings together industry members across the entire battery value chain, to connect, discuss and advocate for key EU policies. 


The announcement took place in Brussels and virtually at the RECHARGE General Assembly on 27th April at 14:00 CET. 


About Circulor

Circulor is the leading sustainable supply chain traceability provider. Headquartered in the UK, with a global footprint across Germany, the U.S., Singapore, and Australia, Circulor enables businesses to fully analyze, track, and manage their supply chains to ensure responsible sourcing and improve sustainability. Circulor does this by providing an enterprise software platform, which creates a reliable chain of custody of materials and attaches GHG emissions and other ESG data directly to the flow of materials. More information can be found at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Circulor Contact

Franziska Grammes, Director of PR


Founded in 1998, RECHARGE is on a mission to promote advanced rechargeable batteries as a key technology that will contribute to climate neutrality and advocate for the sustainable development of an innovative and competitive lithium battery value chain in Europe. The member-based organization covers all steps of the advanced rechargeable batteries value chain in Europe, including raw materials suppliers, logistics partners, battery recyclers, and more.

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