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PROVE by Circulor – unlocking a level of supply chain transparency unimaginable until now.

Increasing global regulations, combined with geopolitical, economic and climate risks are creating multiple concerns for industry.

Managing the subsequent supply chain risks and responding to demands from regulators and consumers to conduct business with more accountability means businesses are now responsible for the supply chain activity they inherit – downstream companies have the responsibility for upstream behaviours. A lack of visibility creates significant revenue and brand risk.

Circulor’s PROVE platform, built for companies and their supply chains, helps solve these complex and interwoven scenarios, providing visibility and proof of the activity at all stages in the production process. PROVE is being used at scale by globally recognized brands.

Circulor enables customers to digitalize and track the physical flow of materials, not paperwork, from source to end product as materials change physical and chemical state. We create a digital twin of the material itself, connect supply chain participants together to create accountability and reliable proof. Along this backbone, we can collect and attach a range of information to the material flow such as emissions data across scopes 1, 2, and 3, as well as compliance and ESG information from every participant.

PROVE enriches and presents this data in modular and flexible way, enabling easy starting points for supply chain mapping, material traceability, emissions reduction, compliance, sustainability, digital product passports and digital product identifiers.

PROVE comprises six modules:

The digitalized supply chain gathers material flow data from suppliers/participants. PROVE presents this information through a series of dashboards and data visualizations, which allow customers to view and interrogate activity. Additionally, they can set rules for what is expected at each step of the process and review anomalies and act on any alerts that are detected.

Circulor’s Material Traceability module shows the provenance and chain of custody of critical materials.

3. Emissions Tracking - Monitor and manage the CO2-e emissions of your production processes and supply chains, attributing detailed embedded emissions information to products.

Material traceability data garnered from digitalized supply chains can be augmented by dynamically aggregating primary emissions data at each step within a production based on the actual flow of materials. Circulor’s Emissions Tracking module helps build a detailed understanding of operational and inherited emissions, providing actionable insights into your company’s environmental footprint.

Circulor’s Emissions Tracking is developed in line with the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) and will reflect the upcoming EU Battery Regulations Rules for the calculation of the Carbon Footprint of Electric Vehicle Batteries (CFB- EV) once the final version is published by the European Commission in February 2024.

4. Compliance - Enable due diligence across the supply chain by requesting and sending documentation certifying regulatory standards from suppliers and their facilities.

Circulor’s Compliance module works as a single-location control centre.  The software can be used either as a stand-alone solution or can be linked to Circulor’s Material Traceability, where compliance requirements in the supply chain can be attached to the flow of materials.

5. Sustainability - Create and manage a centralized view of key sustainability metrics which can be analysed and shared with relevant stakeholders.

Circulor’s Sustainability module enables the collection of the ESG/sustainability data your company needs from its supply chain participants to conduct due diligence on their own operations as well as their upstream value chains.

6. Digital Product Passports - Create the digital product identities needed to unlock all the advantages of circularity and meet regulatory obligations.

PROVE’s modules can be blended and sequenced to answer specific use cases

1. Battery Passports

The EU will require all EV, Light Means of Transport, and Industrial batteries that are placed the market to have a digital Battery Passport by February 2027. More information on the EU Battery Regulation can be found here.

The Battery Passport will gather and store a wealth of static data pertaining to general battery manufacturer information, compliance and labelling, carbon footprint, supply chain due diligence, material and composition, circularity, and performance and durability. Responsibility for the data will reside with the OEMs and their Tier 1s, however it will require effort to identify and collate that data from the deeper tiers of the supply chain.

In addition, the increasing stringency of the regulation over the coming years requires more detailed, granular, and timely information. Dynamic data will be required to prove material origin, recycled content, and inherited emissions, along with the necessary due diligence compliance and sustainability information.

When combined with data from Circulor’s Material Traceability and Emissions Tracking modules, the battery passport provides verifiable proof of material provenance and the production journey along with inherited CO2-e emissions, proof of compliant sourcing requirements, recycled content quotas and collection targets as batteries reach end-of-life.

In anticipation of this paradigm shift for manufactures, PROVE has been developed in such a way that is customers can utilise each of the modules individually, or sequence their module use depending on need and manufacturers’ data quality and maturity.

2. Actively manage supply chain resilience and sustainability

A supply chain that can withstand and recover from disruptions, uncertainties, and unexpected events - while continuing to meet customer demands and maintain business operations needs technology that provides assurable and verifiable data from the deeper tiers.

PROVE has been built to enable supply chain actors to substantiate their claims with data-driven proof.

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