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World’s first battery passport comes on the Volvo EX90, powered by Circulor

In a world first, the Volvo EX90 comes with a battery passport powered by Circulor, containing end-to-end primary data about the battery’s raw materials, components, recycled content and carbon emissions.
Volvo’s all-electric SUV is the first to come equipped with this unprecedented supply chain transparency as standard and attributed to individual vehicles.

Accessible via the Volvo Cars app and a QR code on the door frame, EX90 drivers now know their vehicle’s: 

  • Material Traceability: the origin and production journey of critical raw materials cobalt, nickel, graphite, and lithium.

  • Embedded Carbon Footprint: the impact of the entire battery pack.

  • Recycled Content: the percentage of recycled material used in the battery.

Reuters has more on this story here.

Volvo EX90s are being delivered in the EU and U.S. this year with battery passports, powered by Circulor.


This achievement is the result of ambition and commitment from both Volvo Cars and Circulor since 2019. The time for pilots and experiments has passed. All automakers need similar transparency and should start today. They can benefit from this work and Circulor having the largest network of over 145 battery value chain suppliers on its platform.

This is just the beginning...


Batteries and a growing number of products across sectors and industries now require proof. The EU Battery Regulation requires proof of sustainable, responsible, and circular sourcing for batteries to access the European market, and mandates that all batteries have digital battery passports by February 2027.


The EU Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the U.S. Clean Vehicle Tax Credit are also examples of global policies requiring proof and continuous monitoring of upstream activity.

In addition to gaining market access, unlocking incentives, and mitigating risk, this transparency enables companies to demonstrate leadership to their customers and investors. This level of transparency, attributed to products themselves, is the growing standard for doing business and companies will benefit when starting today.


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