Circulor is transforming the supply chains of various industries with Industry 4.0 tech

The Circulor platform is simple to use, scaleable, secure and platform independent. It tracks raw materials from source, into components and finally to finished products, helping manufacturers and their suppliers build a sustainable future.

Circulor customers can secure deliveries, manage payments and check provenance of their raw materials, as well as a host of other features, making Circulor designed for real world complexity.

Our solution fuses best of breed components from Oracle, AWS and others with our own proprietary applications. But technology is only the foundation. Traceability-as-a-Service includes supply chain mapping, verification, specialist responsible sourcing expertise and implementation know-how.  

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Dynamic Identity

Capture and verify identities of people, locations and material, even as it transforms throughout the production process

Distributed Trust

Enforcing common rules on supply chain participants to create trust in the integrity of data about what is happening within supply chains

Industrial Grade

Designed for the security, privacy and  scaleability required by corporations and to replicate real-world data privacy   

How do we verify provenance?

We address two core challenges - reliably creating digital identity for a physical commodity at its source in the field and connecting the inputs and outputs from a manufacturing process to enable that identity to be inherited. Through the material journey, we use data tools to identify anomalies or fraudulent activity. 

The foundation of the Circulor platform is a distributed ledger. All parties only have access to the information they are permissioned to see.

Complex business logic is coded and is supported by machine learning algorithms to verify the chain of custody, as well as other information necessary to demonstrate responsible sourcing, verify chain of custody, or underpin sustainability goals.   

As material evolves through the supply chain, the Circulor system collects and verifies that the material flows follow the rules defined by our customers. This might be elapsed time, mass balance calculations, QA and responsible sourcing standards or energy use. 


Did the process take place at an accredited facility?


Did the process take place at an expected time and date?


Did the process take the right amount of time to complete?

Mass Balance

Do inputs and outputs match the declared operating capability?