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Circulor joins SMMT to promote a sustainable and responsible automotive industry in the UK

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One of the most influential trade associations in the UK, SMMT, welcomes Circulor to their association to help shape the sustainability and policy landscape 

London, 4 August 2022 – The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), one of the most influential trade associations in the UK, welcomes Circulor, the leader in supply chain traceability, to partake in sustainability and policy-focused working groups, activities, and events.

Following the launch of SMMT’s annual UK Automotive Sustainability Report on sustainability trends across the automotive sector, Circulor is especially looking forward to working with organizations in the SMMT network and supporting them in their efforts to achieve net-zero. Priorities will include lowering carbon emissions across the supply chain, reducing energy consumption, and supporting re-use and recycling in the EV sector. Joining SMMT will see Circulor grow its network and understand the latest market intelligence and relevant global insights provided by SMMT’s conferences, networking events, and reports. We look forward to interacting with like-minded organizations to elevate efforts toward a green future, particularly through SMMT’s Electric Vehicle Group (EVG).

SMMT represents the automotive industry to policymakers, encouraging regulators and industry representatives to work together toward solutions. SMMT members are encouraged to help shape the industry's voice by contributing to policy positions, consultation responses, and meetings with officials, MPs, and ministers. Every member, including Circulor, will participate in helping shape the policy and legislation landscape across the UK and Europe.

David Wong, Senior Technology and Innovation Manager, who oversees the SMMT EVG, added, “as the voice of the UK motor industry, we’re very pleased to welcome Circulor into our membership of more than 850 automotive businesses, whose interests we promote both at home and internationally. We hope Circulor will reap the many benefits of SMMT membership and enjoy even greater success as part of Britain’s world-leading automotive sector.”

Circulor tracks critical battery materials, their GHG emissions, and ESG credentials for both upstream and downstream customers. With clients such as Volvo Cars, Polestar, and Rock Tech Lithium, Circulor allows them to prove their sustainable and responsible sourcing. This collaboration will enhance Circulor’s growth and efforts in the EV supply chain traceability sector.

"Automotive supply chains are complex, and Circulor allows companies to have full transparency of these supply chains in order to make data-driven decisions and improve resilience. We are continuously looking for new ways to add to our expertise and widen our knowledge of the industry; therefore, joining forces with SMMT is a natural fit" says Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO of Circulor.




Circulor gives organizations full visibility of their supply chains. The London-based company offers the most mature, proven, and complete technology software solution available to track materials with high environmental and human rights impacts as they change state within manufacturing and recycling supply chains. With Circulor, businesses can follow the physical flow of critical materials from extraction to final production, as well as associated ESG characteristics and embedded carbon across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. The tech company was founded in 2017 in the UK, with offices in Ireland, the US, Germany, Singapore, and Australia. The company has been named a  Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Global Cleantech 100, and won DIGITALEUROPE’s 2022 Future Unicorn Award.

More information can be found at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Circulor Contact:  

Franziska Grammes, Director of PR 



ABOUT SMMT and the automotive industry 

The automotive industry is a vital part of the UK economy and integral to supporting the delivery of the agendas for leveling up, net zero, advancing global Britain, and the plan for growth.

Automotive-related manufacturing contributes £67 billion in turnover and £14 billion in value added to the UK economy and typically invests around £3 billion each year in R&D. With more than 182,000 people employed in manufacturing and some 780,000 in total across the wider automotive industry, we account for 10% of total UK goods exports with more than 150 countries importing the UK produced vehicles, generating £77 billion of trade.

More than 25 manufacturers build over 70 models of vehicles in the UK, plus an array of specialist small volume manufacturers, supported by some 5,000 supply chain businesses and some of the world's most skilled engineers. Many of these jobs are outside London and the Southeast, with wages that are around 14% higher than the UK average. The automotive sector also supports jobs in other key sectors – including advertising, finance, and logistics.


More detail on UK automotive available in SMMT's Motor Industry Facts publication at

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